About Your Will – Page 4

Why Choose Us?

At Watford wills and Trust and the European Association of Will Writers, know the business. But more importantly, we know how important you are for your family – this makes us the most trusted name when it comes to legal matters pertaining to the security of your loved ones.

By choosing Wills and Trusts for making your will, you take the essential first step towards the preservation of your property and financial assets while you are alive and their proper distribution amongst your loved ones after your demise.

By choosing Wills and Trusts to serve as executor of your will, you receive the security and peace of mind knowing that your money, house, car, and chattel go to those whom you nominate in your will. Our wills storage facility ensures that your will is stored safely for life and can be found by your family when the need arises.

We take pride in providing extremely cost effective wills and trusts without compromising on the quality of our service. While banks and solicitors thrive on charging almost 8% of the total estate they probate, we fix the probate fee before the process begins and our clients typically pay only 1.5% to 2% of the total value of estate handled by us.

We are members of David Cockhrans European Association of Will Writers

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