About Your Will – Page 3

Types Of Wills

Advanced directives, (Letters of wishes)
Have you ever worried about suffering from a lack of capacity or incapacity, after an accident or an illness in the future?

If so, you should think about making an ‘Advanced Directive’ or ‘Letter of Wishes’ Will that will allow you to decide in future what medical treatments and care you should receive if this happened to you.

Although you cannot make an Advanced directive stating specific medical treatment you wish to receive, it does mean that you are able to make statements explaining medical treatments you would not want to receive.

An Advance directive can save your parents, married or civil partner from having to make some painful decisions if something awful happened leaving you in this condition.

An Advance directive / Letter of Wishes is signed and then stored with your medical records through your GP and will allow medical professionals to treat you in accordance with your wishes when you are in their care.

This is the mechanism that can save painful and expensive legal battles if your family or loved ones though that medical treatment that may keep you alive, also meant that you may be suffering long term.

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