Wills & Probate Services & Prices

Single Will: £90

A single will for giving away all of your assets after your passing.

Mirror Will: £180

A Mirror is the best option for married couples with children.
Each partner leaves all of their assets to each other in the first instance then to their children.
This is flexible so that each partner can apportion assets differently for their children.

Protective Property Trusts: £195

This Property trusts Will allows you to protect your property for your spouse if one or the other partner requires care.

Discretionary Trusts: £195

In your Will, you may decide that your children may be too young to accept the responsibility of home ownership now, that or they may fair better if being left a large sum of money, that it may be released to them after they have completed university for instance.
A Discretionary Trust provides a mechanism to keep that asset in Trust under the control and discretion of a trusted person until that condition is reached.

LPA: £250

Lasting power of attorney are especially useful where a business is involved.
It allows your partner or a trusted other person to legally act on your behalf if you became injured or in other ways incapable of acting in matters of health and welfare and property and financial affairs.
This allows the Attorney to manage the business bank account or tax affairs easily, or to make medical decisions in the interest of the other party.

Advance Directive (Living Will): £60

This document states which medical treatments you not have if you lost capacity as defined by the mental health act.

Deed of Gifts: £100

A Deed of Gift is a formal legal document used to give a gift of property or money to another person.
It transfers the money or property to another person in whole and unconditionally.
These gift can he subject to Inheritance tax if the value of the gift exceed the IHT threshold and if the doner dies within 7 years of the date that the gift is made.

Wills Storage: £100

In law, a person can have only One legal Will; copies are not accepted, so security of your will is paramount.
Wills storage is a very useful service as it provides total security by preventing lost, or damaged wills, and removes the temptation of anyone who may be tempted from tampering with your Will.
All of these examples can result in your passing intestate, or lead to expensive and difficult legal battles which can literally cost up to and exceed the value of the assets that you wished to leave to your spouse.

Home Protection Trust: £1,595 (single property)

Family Trust: £2,595 (multiple properties and assets)

A full suite of legal services that provide protection for all of your you assets for your families heritance.
This economical package covers a full suite of service for your needs.
These include Mirror Wills, Storage, LPA, Discretionary Trusts Wills, Property Trust Wills Advanced directives.

Funeral Plans: From £2950

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