Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

About Paying for your own funeral in advance.

Estate planning is all about preparing for the events that we will encounter in our lives. You probably will experience events such as
University, Working, Marriage, Buying a house, having children, maybe, unfortunately, you may experience a divorce, a forced house sale, serious illness, a death of a partner, parent or close relation.

All of this event whether positive or negative are mechanisms of life, and legal systems are in place for each of these because these are important and must be dealt with.

This is why Estate planning experts such as Watford Wills and Trusts exist, to help you to know what plans you can make to dealt with these events as best as possible.

It is important to plan for events that are inevitable, this means that you can then give 100% of your attention to dealing with the emotions and practical requirements around the situation.

Funeral Plans are one of those mechanisms that will take the burden off dealing with a death in the family or death of a partner.

A funeral plan is a very cost effective plan where you pay for a funeral in advance.
This has the major benefit of fixing the price of your funeral costs at the amount that is paid for the plan.

You can also pay in installments.

Once you have paid the plan, the funeral package will be delivered without any additional cost.* Extra services can be requested, and changes can be made at the time within reason.

These plans are safer than insurance based funeral plans. Insurance based funeral plans can be risky as these may not payout due to uncontrollable circumstances such as a few missed payment that can happen due to illness or because of minor policy discrepancies.
Buying an Insurance funeral plan means that you pay and continue to pay until the policy claim is made.

Typically insurance based funeral plans required your spouse to pay for your funeral from existing funds or to make payment arrangements with the funeral director then claim the cost back after the funeral.

All of which is unnecessary extra trouble for your family.

Our funeral plans offer the best value for money and but the greatest benefit is that your spouse will have all the professional help you need to plan and arrange the funeral as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can also buy a double plan which means that the plan can be used by either spouse (on the first death) making life much easier for both of you.

For those that have funeral plans, the arrange are made quickly and easily with professional assistance at every step of the way.

They do not have to spend time on the phone calling various funeral homes and negotiating prices when time and effort would be better spent with the family.

You can choose to have a Burial Funeral or a Cremation Funeral and even specify your favorite songs or hymns and dress codes for your guests and other requirements for wishes for your funeral.

The funeral director will provide professional help and guidance for your family; you will also mutually agree on dates and time for the funeral.

Safe Hands funeral plans provide several levels of funeral plans at very competitive prices.
When you buy your funeral plan package, you can choose the type of service and support you require.

Safe-Hands offer four levels of plans offering different Levels of funeral services.
Topaz ( £1,955 )
Pearl ( £2,945 )
Sapphire ( £3,195 )
Ruby ( £3,595 )

These can be paid for monthly in installments or outright.
And Safe Hands funeral plans still offer the best value for funerals which will save your family £100’s. That means that they can use the money you leave them for the things they really need in their lives.

They will also have access to professional Bereavement assistance.

You will save your family from having to find around £4000+ for funeral costs which are going up every year. (Currently, funeral costs for burials and cremations are rising on average at 7% per year).

But most important of all they will have all the help they need to arrange your funeral from professionals who are both caring and sympathetic.

Apply for your Safe Hands funeral plan here and enjoy the satisfaction take you have taken the time and care to help your family at a time when they need it most.
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Funeral Costs
Safe Hands funeral plans will cover your funeral costs which mean that your funeral can be arranged quickly with professional help.

There are certain third party fees associated with funerals
These include for example –
£600 Statutory cremation fees.
£164 doctor’s charges for the death certificate (excludes Scotland).
£180 Minister or MC fees.

All Safe Hands funeral plans (Excluding The Topaz Plan) includes £1100 to cover the third party costs.
Additional costs may be incurred. Any additional cost or fees will be discussed with the funeral arrangers in advance.
(Special funeral arrangements such as Natural Burial And Green Funerals may also incur additional charges.)

Buy your funeral plan today for your assurance and your families benefit.