Will Writing Solicitors in watford

We are Will Writing specialist which means that we only do Will Writing.

We specialise in ensuring that your Will is as airtight as possible and we are insured for up to One Million Pounds in the unlikely event of an error that causes loss to you family.

Our Wills are checked by our own specialist solicitor who has over 40 years experience and is a registered solicitor.

The entire purpose of our organisation under Eurowills is to ensure that our customers get the best possible service at the fairest prices possible.

We keep upto date with the legalities and ramifications that can affect your Will and your families inheritance. This help to ensure that freelancers such as those you see regularly on TV fighting over contestable estates are keep well away from yours.

Will Writing Solicitors in Watford or online Wills may or may not charge you for your Will but you may will pay more for your Probate. This means that extra money is taken away from your family or those that you intended to benefit if you die or become incapacitated.

Watford Wills and Trust Will visit you at your home to draft your Will and we will send your Will to our specialist solicitor for verification and checking.

Why You Should Call Us

  • We will advise you on how best to allocate your estate.
  • Whether a Trust is your best option.
  • Whether you need an Power of Attorney.
  • We have set prices.

  • Our prices are generally lower than your solicitors and we have indemnity insurance that protects your family for upto upto £!000,0000 per claim.
  • Free Wills usually mean very expensive Probate. That means money taken out off your families inheritance. Don’t get caught out to the tune of thousands of pounds.
    We come to you at a time we can agree.
  • It only takes upto 2hrs to Draft you Will and then 20 minutes for singing and witnessing.

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