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31 million UK adults don’t have a will in place.

Don't be an intestate person.

Your Wills and Trusts advice experts.

Assurance for your loved ones.

Watford Will and Trusts
We are your local specialist for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Severances of joint tenancy, Property and Asset Protection Trusts, Advance Directives, Family Exclusions, Probate Services, Secure document storage, Funeral Plans and investment advice.

Watford Wills and Trusts is a company that you can depend on to deal with your affairs delicately and professionally.

We are members of the European Association of Will Writers and we have the support of experts both locally in the UK and in Europe.

Our services extend beyond that of will writing, property trusts and storage.
We can help with Powers of Attorney, Property transfers, Declaration of Trusts, Severance of Joint Tenancy, Parental Rights and Responsibilities and Letter of Severance Certificate and many aspects of estate planning.

We can also refer you to trusted local Independent Financial Advisers so you can be sure that once you become one of our clients your affairs will always be in order when a death occurs.

Wills Trusts and Estates Planning. Professional consultation to help you to get your affairs in order.
Telephone us on 07092 029643 to speak to a professional adviser today.

Online Wills.

The fastest way to write your Will.
Online Will Service, no contact, save and continue, legal Will, remote witnessing.

The innovative online form guides you through the process of creating your Will.

Online help available.

Optional Life time storage.

The fastest way to get your will done.

You can make an online legal will today.

Visit Ten Minute Will - Online Wills will to get started.

  • Create your Will at your own pace
  • Easy to follow multiple choice forms
  • A professional Will writer checks your Will
  • Create your Will at your own pace
  • Review your Will online
  • Long term secure storage is available
  • Safe and Secure online encryption

Last Will and testament.

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Estate Planning Services.

Funeral Plans
Funeral Plans

A Funeral plan allows you to pay for your funeral in advance.

Care Services for the Elderly
Advice on care services

Get expert advice for help with Care services.

Will And Trusts
Will And Trusts Advice

Information and references for your estate planning.

Care Services for the Elderly
Advice on care services

Get expert advice for care services.